Putting Away Christmas

advent-1065921_1280I was taking down the Christmas decorations and thinking of how cathartic it is; cleaning up and starting fresh for the new year.

And then, as I was putting away our ceramic Nativity set, made by my mother, I broke the tail off of one of the camels.

Here’s where I learned a new lesson: Never let your husband control the super glue while you have hold of a camel’s tail!

Needless to say, the super glue did NOT fix camel’s tail, but it dripped down the tail, onto me, and now my fingers were glued to the camel’s tail!

I managed to pry my fingers off of the tail as quickly as I could, but now my thumb and pointer finger were glued together! It hurts when you pull apart glued fingers, by the way.

So now I had super glue on my fingers, a broken tail on my camel, and my husband was laughing hysterically at my misfortune!

I did find a new use for the Ped-Egg however. The “soothing” side, not the cheese-grater side, files off dried super glue nicely. Maybe they should include that in the product description.

After the crisis was handled, I packed up the camel and his broken tail. I think I’ll leave that for my husband to fix next Christmas. This time he gets to hold the tail!

As a footnote, now I’m really glad I got my hand cream for my Christmas Wish. It should soothe my well-filed fingers nicely.


5 thoughts on “Putting Away Christmas

  1. Lisa, your story made me smile. 🙂 I’ve been super-glued to myself, and it’s NOT fun. I’m glad you found a solution. I think I ended up slowly peeling my fingers apart. Not pleasant.

    I, too, have found there’s something cathartic about putting away the Christmas decorations. They are so special and pretty to have out, but I know that season will be one of slowing down. And that’s a good thing. When I put them away, I almost feel like I have permission to have my house back, neat (for a little while . . . I do live with two boys, and one husband, after all) and orderly, and that it’s okay to move forward with the next chapter in this life.

    I hope your husband has a great time supergluing that tail to the camel. 😉

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