Christmas Wish Granted

christmas-box-71758_1280In a follow up to my last post What to Buy For Mom, I’m happy to say I got my Boring Christmas Wish!

I happily unwrapped a zester, O’Keefe’s hand cream, AND the Tupperware! Plus an additional bracelet that I didn’t even ask for!

Contrary to my family’s beliefs, I actually was really happy to get any of those things.

I was even happier, however, to see the looks on my kids’ faces when they opened their gifts, especially the gifts they didn’t expect to get. The best was probably the new shower head for their bathroom that flashes different colored lights and makes your shower look like a rave! And in true fashion, one kid loved it, and the other can’t wait until it breaks! LOL

But the fun of Christmas morning was a welcome contrast to missing Christmas Eve services due to one child’s illness, the batch of sugar cookie dough that didn’t set up right, and not getting to be with extended family over the holidays.

What boring gifts or fiascoes made your Holiday extra special this year?


7 thoughts on “Christmas Wish Granted

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