What to Buy for Mom?

gift-box-1072494_1280I have been told, on many Christmases, that I am hard to buy for.

I finally asked my husband to explain this to me, and whether or not I should be insulted by the insinuation that I’m too picky to please.

Apparently, it isn’t that I’m too picky (I was relieved that wasn’t it), it’s just that the things on “My List,” which I only make at the request of my family, AREN’T FUN. Really? Says who?!

On this year’s “List,” which was short as usual, was the following:

  1. A zester (the hand-held kind for lemons)
  2. Tupperware
  3. O’Keeffes Working Hands, Hand Cream (I’ve heard it works)
  4. A diffuser (the kind for making a room smell nice, not the thing that goes on the end of the hairdryer)

According to my family, all boring gifts.

When I asked them what I should list instead, my daughter said that I’m not obsessed about anything enough (this from the anime-obsessed teenager). I guess she doesn’t figure that writing would be an obsession. My son had the perfect gift, at 9 years old, he understood. He said he would get me a publisher! Love that kid!

Most any woman will say that clothes are a nearly impossible gift, no matter what shape we are, pear, apple or otherwise. I am no exception. But surely, after living with me, you would know my tastes, right? For instance: $22,000 sapphire and diamond ring? Beautiful, but probably not – that’s college money; $1800 Dolce & Gabbana handbag? Uh, no; $150 bottle of fancy moisturizing cream? Thanks, I’ll stick with O’Keeffe’s. But if you want to take me out to dinner, do the laundry for the week, or don’t argue with your brother for the next three days, now we’re talking!

I think most moms have trouble asking for things, usually because we’d rather our kids have a new jacket before we do. It’s just the way we’re wired.

Truth is, I really don’t want for much. Not because I already have it all, but because I really don’t NEED much.

Believe it or not, a zester would make me really happy. It’s better than the cheese grater I use now to zest lemons.

And new Tupperware that seals properly would be a dream.

And the hand cream would be a welcome addition for my sad, dry, cracked winter hands.

So just like the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” maybe gift giving works the same way.

But maybe next year, just so I won’t be boring, I’ll amend the list:

  1. Vacation to Jamaica
  2. $1000 gift card
  3. A maid and housekeeper, oh, and chauffeur

But I’d still like that zester too. Oh, and the publisher would be a welcome gift, though I’m not sure how you’d wrap that gift, let alone convince them to sit under the tree.

Here’s hoping you get what’s on your list…no matter how boring it is.


11 thoughts on “What to Buy for Mom?

  1. Ah, the elusive publisher. They’re a bit like Santa, I think!!
    I feel the same. I haven’t asked for anything this year. But I have spent the last 6 months hinting!! I’d like a new non-tea stained dressing-gown (sexy!!), some underwear not from Asda, volumising shampoo and a new iron!! These items won’t turn up. Let’s catch up on Christmas day to share our haul!! xx


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