Why Do You Blog?

keyboard-568978_1280When you mention that you Blog to someone who doesn’t have a blog, they will roll their eyes (it’s subtle, but it’s there). You can almost hear them say, “Oh, God. Not ANOTHER blogger.”

But within the blogging community it’s different. No one can explain it to you until you’re there, but it’s an actual community. And not like Facebook.

Facebook can be downright mean. The ironic part is the mean comments on Facebook usually come from people we consider actual friends. Some just can’t read a post without voicing their opinion. We’ve all seen friendships lost over ill-placed comments.

But blogging is different. If someone doesn’t like what you have to say, or isn’t interested in it, they simply move along. No harm, no foul.

When I first started blogging, under a different blog, it failed miserably. I failed miserably.

Being a writer hoping to, one day, publish one of my works of fiction, I read all the advice and saw I needed a “PLATFORM.” Most agents won’t even look at your manuscript unless you have some sort of a following, and a blog is a good way to get one. I have to admit that first blog felt dirty and unauthentic. I was just writing to get followers. There was no real heart or connection behind my words.

But that was before I found my people, my community.

Now, blogging means much more to me. Now it’s all about connection, about reaching people I never would’ve been able to connect with before; people from other countries, other backgrounds, other stages of life; people I might never have found in my same “social circle,” if you will. And I love that.

Blogging is so much more to me than a “PLATFORM.”

Platform-shmatform. Truth of the matter is, we need each other. We need that validation, we need to know we’re part of something so much bigger than we could ever imagine. I blog because I love it. My followers crack me up, and lighten my day.

And I read other blogs for the same reason. Not to “get followers,” not to get potential future readers of a book that may never be published, but to get inspiration. To get that little push I need some days that other’s insight brings.

So why do you blog? What makes you keep blogging?


13 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. Aha, I choose not to use Facebook to post my, er, posts. It seems too easy to offend someone, somehow, and yes, friendships (were they really friendships?) have been lost. I’m just editing a post about the surprise and upset you feel when your ‘friends’ don’t seem to support your writing endeavours. Tis a strange thing.
    My ‘other’ blog, the blog I don’t hide behind, focuses on my journey to published author. I found a literary agent, but my friends’ reaction to this was surprisingly disappointing. Friends? Perhaps not.
    I love blogging, as I simply love writing creatively. And connecting with others across the seas (like you!) is exciting.
    And, yes, if I tell someone I blog, I often experience a tilted head, a raised eye-brow and a cynical, ‘why?’! xx

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      • Ah, well, there’s a story to that! I write children’s picture-books, or, I thought I did, until I found an agent who wanted to work with me, and we both realised my weirdo ideas are most certainly not suitable for little people. So, I’ve spend the last 12 months working on a book suitable for young-adults. The Stop Banging blog was set up, so I could just write anything without worrying about someone important reading my posts. How about you? What do you write? x

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      • My “practice novel” is on my blog (please don’t judge – LOL – I should probably take that down. Ha ha). I lean towards Woman’s fiction (not romance though). Focusing on female friendships in real life situations, with an underlying Christian edge. Does that make sense?


      • Intriguing! I’ll take a peek.
        Hate showing my work to anyone, something I should probably learn to overcome. Not so good on the criticism either.I don’t object to hearing it, I just get very fretful and worry all night. Yes, I am a bit soft! xx

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  2. I actually started my blog so I could review books and sign up for free ARCs of books. I write too, and I saw the huge camaraderie of NaNoWriMo bloggers, so I started blogging about writing more than anything. Book reviews when I can. I love the support everyone has to offer!

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