Shhh…it’s a secret

padlock-219689_1280What’s that secret part of you that you hide locked inside? I’m not talking about our deep, dark secrets, or something deviant. I’m referring to that part of you that you guard close to your heart. Maybe you keep it under lock and key because you’re afraid of failure. Or maybe you’re afraid that people will think it’s silly, or that their criticism will devastate you.

Maybe it’s the lack of time that has kept it secret for so long; “I’ll do it tomorrow;” “I don’t have the money to pursue my dream;” “I’m too busy juggling life.” Or the worse offense of all, “I’m just too lazy.” There, I said it. Sometimes we can’t admit what keeps us from our dream, but we all have one. Even if it’s only an idea, a small seed waiting to grow into a beanstalk, we all have one. Sometimes we don’t even know we have one because we have let the busy-ness of life get in the way. But it’s there.

It echoes in the shadows as you fall asleep at night. You see it lived out in someone else’s life, but not your own. At least not yet.

You’ve played it over in your head a thousand times. But something always gets in your way. Often we’re afraid to give that “thing that gets in the way” a name. We’re afraid to name it and confront it head on. But I say name it; “time,” “laziness,” “fear,” “busy-ness.” Whatever it is, give it a name and you’ll be half the way there. Then at least you’ll know what kind of hurdle you need to get over. Most of them are in our own control.

Now it is true that there are some things that we simply cannot do, because we may not have the means. At least not yet. I can’t buy the million-dollar home. Not yet. I can’t run a marathon, nor do I want to, but that’s not the point. I can’t run a marathon…yet. I would need to train for that.

I’m talking about the dreams within your reach. Sometimes you just need a little push. Sometimes we get that push, but we ignore it, or worse, we push back. And then the dream gets filed way back in the recess of your mind once again.

As a nation, we spend so much time on the internet, usually wasted, checking our social networking sites, our emails, the latest celebrity gossip. What if, instead, we spent a little bit of that time researching whatever your dream may be? Even if it’s 30 minutes of your allotted on-line time, at least it would be a start.

I challenged myself a while ago, with the encouragement of a friend, to actually set aside time to make my dream happen. And it may never come to complete fruition, but I have to say that my brain feels useful again. I am still guarding my dream, but with the support of family and friends, I don’t even care if it comes to fruition. At least I’m pursuing my dream. I am on an adventure.

You can keep your dream a secret. You can guard it in your heart. But if your dream can make someone else’s life a little better, even if it’s just your own life, don’t you owe it to yourself to water that seed? Maybe your beanstalk will grow. Maybe the echoes you hear at night will turn into shouts in the morning. Maybe it will be just what your life is missing.

What dreams have you been keeping locked inside? What would happen if you set them free?


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