My Life is a Mess…

books-818772_1920My life is a mess – a beautiful, wonderful, glorious mess. Can anyone else relate?

I’m not perfectly coiffed; it’s not in my DNA. I don’t like make-up or hair color. I live in yoga pants and t-shirts and would wear them to church if I could. I’m perfectly comfortable in my skin. You get what you see. There’s no different “me” that is revealed when I get into bed at the end of the day.

My house is much the same. Everything is not in its place…ever. I have children and a husband, and there is always a “work in progress” at my house. My “stuff” is on display for everyone to see. I used to apologize for the mess to whoever walked through my front door. But I don’t anymore. Maybe I should, but I don’t.

My home will never be in Better Homes & Garden, unless it’s in the “before” picture. It’s not dirty, but it’s definitely not ready for its photo shoot.

As I look around my house, there is a pile of mail on the counter, a sewing project half-completed, another one stashed in a grocery bag waiting beside the sewing machine, a stack of library books stacked neatly on the table, a box in the corner piled high with old clothes, and a throw wadded up at the end of the couch.

But if you look beyond the obviousness of the mess you will see what lies underneath. The pile of mail on the counter? Those are coupons waiting to be cut out to save my family some money. The sewing projects half-completed or stashed in the corner? They’re Christmas presents in the making. The library books? Those are my kids’ library books, and I love that they know that feeling of getting lost in a book. The box of clothes? They are gently-worn winter clothes waiting to be taken to the church clothes drive. And that throw wadded up at the end of the couch? It’s where I snuggled last night with my kids before one of them fell asleep clutching his favorite stuffed animal.

I tell you this not to boost my ego, or to justify my laziness. I tell you this to remind you that everything you do for your family and others has a purpose. To remind you that some of the best times are in the messes of life. So don’t hide your mess, and certainly don’t apologize for it.

Life can be hard, and busy, and messy, and we can too easily get caught up in wanting to be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

When you walk into someone’s house and there’s a mess on the kitchen table, don’t forget to look beyond the mess…embrace the mess and everything it stands for.

What does your mess look like?


8 thoughts on “My Life is a Mess…

  1. Obviously, I am the first one to relate except I love make-up and dressing-up otherwise my home almost always is in some sort of progress in clean-up. yeah, I am good in quick clean-up too only if someone is to visit…out of the blue 😉

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  2. A house is supposed to be lived in. It’s not a museum. People have no right to judge either. Those who do probably have messier houses too. Great post with excellent writing!

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  3. My wife keeps the house immaculate, however, my “writing area” is a MESS. I understand my organized way of being disorganized. Perhaps not the best filing system for most, but it works for me. Loved your post. Our “mess” is personal. It is part of our life. Enjoyed reading this. So entertaining.


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