Halloween Costume Battle

It’s Halloween again, and my poor children are being forced to use their imaginations.

Every year, they come up with crazy costumes ideas (usually something anime-themed) and I refuse to spend $120 EACH on their costumes. Not because we CAN’T afford it, but because I WON’T afford it.

Halloween is a well-thought, well-planned, and usually well-executed evening of expression. Long gone are the days of throwing together a costume at the last minute, at least in my house.

I guess it comes from living with nerds…and creative ones at that.

So off we go to the local thrift store on a Saturday afternoon, in the rain, on what must be the most crowded day ever, in search of the right coat in just the right color red, the perfect shirt to match the coat, a top hat (not an easy thing to find, mind you), self-adhesive beard, black coat, white gloves, bow tie, red wig and pre-bloodied ax.

After spending much less than $120 per costume, and being forced to search through their own closets, as well as mine, to supplement their thrift store purchases, I’m happy to say we’re ready for Halloween. Just a note, the ax is pretend and didn’t come from any of our closets…I was forced to drop $3.99 at the costume shop for that accessory.

So don’t be surprised if you see Grell Sutcliff and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (a much shorter version, mind you), trick-or-treating together (unless, of course, Abraham Lincoln changes his mind at the last minute, which he’s been known to do before).

And don’t tell them their mom may have been right to make them use their imaginations and be resourceful; skills that will get them further in life than they realize.

Have you chosen to buy your costume this year, or start from scratch?


One thought on “Halloween Costume Battle

  1. I remember back in 1969 when my younger brother was in kindergarten. Our mom took an old sweater of mine and she sewed some duck feathers on it for a costume for my brother. Since the feathers were from a duck my father had hunted, the cost was free and my brother won first place at school for the most creative costume. In my mind I can still see him walking down the hallway flapping his little arms!
    When my kids were little, I used to hit the thrift store for their costumes and combine old clothes with a little makeup instead of masks and voila–low budget costumes that looked great.
    Thank you for such a great posting…

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