Don’t Write That Down…

Wad of paperSome things are better left unsaid.

How many times have we had a bad day or a bad run-in with a co-worker or family member, or even bad service and wanted so badly to shout it to the social media world?

As a writer, my first line of expression has always been the written word. It’s my best defense, and my worst enemy.

Having a blog is risky business, especially when friends and family read it. Fortunately, most of mine could either care less, or have no idea that I even have a blog.

I do try very hard to not publish everything that comes to mind. I like to rest on my words and let them sit a few days before I release them into the wild.

For me, writing and having a blog carries with it a responsibility. I want to make my readers think, even challenge them at times, but I always try to remember that my writing represents me. My readers don’t personally know me, and the last thing I want is for someone to misjudge my character simply by my words. How easy it is to misinterpret or read into someone’s email or Facebook post. I would hate for my “bad day” to be the only day someone happens to come across my blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I still express those bad days in writing, I’m just careful to keep them buried in a shoebox in the backyard. That’s also why I’ve never kept a journal. I would hate for my children to find it after I’m gone and think “Whoa, that’s not the mom I remember!”

And I think we can all agree that if any of us ever achieves author stardom, we would hope that our surviving loved ones would have sense enough to destroy those long, lost, embarrassing poems of high school angst.

How important is it for you to rest on something you’ve written before making it public?


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