Living with Nerds

I mentioned in the “About Me” page, that I live with a family of nerds. They watch anime episodes together, and “fan girl” on the characters (my daughter does, at least). They play MMORPG games, and use terms like “min-max”, and “OP.” Comic book stores are one of their favorite places, and they count the days until the next convention or mini-con.

Now if you are a nerd, I know you are laughing by now at my misuse of terminology and are probably mocking me much like my family does. That’s okay…I’m getting used to it.

When my husband and I married, I knew he was a nerd and I was okay with that. After all, anyone who ever saw Revenge of the Nerds, or Romy and Michelle know that the nerds are the best catch. What I didn’t expect was that my children would follow in that nerd path as well.

I find myself sitting all alone watching TV some nights while the rest of them crowd in front of the computer watching the latest episode of One Piece or Fairy Tail (at least I know the names of the series). Or I sit quietly writing while they argue over a game of Magic or Talisman. But again, I’m learning to be okay with that too. At least they have a great relationship with their Dad, even though, at times, I question where I fit in.

But what they don’t realize is that, secretly, I have some influence in their nerdvana. My children both draw (as do I on occasion), even though they draw manga characters. And my daughter comes to me to help her design her costumes for conventions. So she’s learning to sew. My son even expressed an interest in the fabrication of the weapons and accessories that go with the costumes. That will take some more research, but will also get them involved in planning and creating.

When I began my first novel in 2012, I worried that they would feel neglected, even feel like my writing came first and they were second. But that didn’t happen. Instead, three years later, they are both writing stories, even novellas. Granted, their stories usually involve Minecraft or are some sort of fan fiction, but they are writing! And reading…a lot! They don’t just play video games all day. They are creative, even if it took some nerd motivation to get them there.

So I guess living with nerds isn’t so bad after all. I think there’s a little bit of nerd in all of us. Dare I say, could writing be its own sort of nerdvana?


3 thoughts on “Living with Nerds

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